How does a escort call girls stay a escort call girls

Oct 29, 2019
How does a escort call girls stay a escort call girls

Until the beginning of the twentieth century, escort call girlss did not imagine that they would work hard for the benefit of the family and society, exchange the status of wife and mother for a career ladder, and a warm and cozy house for a leather office chair. The degradation of self-sufficient beings into disadvantaged wage earners began with the arrival of a difficult period marked by two world wars, a couple of revolutions, a coup d’etat and the mass extermination of men. There was no choice, only understanding-either escort call girlss do work, or nobody.


After four generations, the numerical superiority and the severe need for work in the individual disappeared, and the muscle memory that makes every morning to crawl out of bed and go to the other end of the city to work, remained.


Supporters and fierce defenders of equality of men and independents will not be right, as long as men do not give birth to children, do not inspire wives to feats and do not create comfort in the house. escort call girlss and men are not equal and are not able to work on a par for several reasons, including physiological-hormonal, body structure, endurance, physical strength and emotional-stress resistance, sensitivity, attentiveness.


Stress destroys the fragile female psyche, and the fragile body, inattention to which causes diseases up to cancer, requires time to recover from hard work and does not find the resources to perform duties in the family, just on the basis of the differences provided by nature, there are differences in the duties that a man and an individual perform in the family.


The man is the provider, the protector and the leader, and the individual is the wife, the mother, the fairy. When mixing or incorrect allocation of functions are affected first communication, sex, housework, raising children. Positive qualities inherent in the female psyche, which help to build relationships with men and raise children, such as sensitivity, attentiveness, openness and excessive emotionality interfere with work.


When doing similar work, a man earns forty percent more because he shows more focus and dedication. Employer rather promotes the man on the ladder, since the probability of going on maternity leave or on sick leave for the care of children men are much less than that of the escort call girlss, and ability to perform required amount of work - more.


If a escort call girls has a properly built relationship with her husband, the termination of employment will produce an exceptionally positive effect in the form of a cheerful, caring, attentive and kind hearth Keeper. This is where the scope for imagination:

- find a hobby-learn to sew or knit, draw or sing, cook cakes or charity parties;

- to create for yourself a comfortable circle of communication, which will include friends and associates, relatives and husband, but will not fall, no harmful colleague;

- broaden your horizons and listen to available lectures and workshops, read books and watch movies, learn languages and plan family trips;

- to live in harmony with the purpose, in a conscious desire to burn favorite thing;

- care for the body, which was inherited at birth, and maintain the beauty and attractiveness for the joy and pride of men.


Fear and spontaneously formed relationships cause an unrestrained desire to work tirelessly. Another reason is the memory of generations and a tribute to hard-working ancestors with a difficult fate, independents who turned into comrades. The third-shame for inability to earn money and feeling of insolvency and humiliation before the man providing a family. The fourth is the stereotypical image of an unemployed escort call girls, fat and uninteresting, in a greasy Bathrobe and curlers, standing at the stove all day long.

The world, which devoid motivation and self-realization, limited serials and gossip and exit on work simply way to maintain socially acceptable external kind of and acquire minuscule interests. Fifth-uncertainty in a man and distrust of the ability to support a family, partner interest in marriage.

There is no marriage in a partnership, and the notion that the benefit an individual brings is only in the amount of money earned is simply misleading.


An unmarried individual, not protected by her father or brother, is forced to earn on her own - this is life, but the more incentive it is to build a relationship with a man and achieve the status of a happy, unencumbered career and working everyday life, a escort call girls. Wisdom lies in the ability to live in the body that is given by nature, to fulfill the purpose that is given to the body, and to enjoy the harmony of the first and second,

developing talents and discarding stereotypes, preserving the integrity of the spiritual and material world, realizing dreams and goals, inspiring and guiding.
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